Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Dont Cars Last Forever??

My precious one and only vehicle, my Volvo, broke down...well i guess it just wouldnt crank. Anywhooo I am anxiously waiting for it to get outta the shop, not looking forward to the bill. Please keep my poor car in your prayers tonight. Thanks.

-The Carless Sia Shearer

Ahhh how do the Amish make it??

Cook Yourself Thin! no, REALLY!

Cook Yourself Thin is a tv show (and recipe book) that teaches you how to cook some of your favorite meals-the RIGHT way. For example, your favorite fattening food is MASHED POTATOES! YUMMMMMMMMMY! Its also filled with tons and oodels and millions of carbs and fat grams so... instead, what if we were to split all that into 1/3 of the nutritional value? This is how you do it. CAULIFLOWER! Yes. You heard me. Cauliflower. It looks, tastes, even SMELLS like mashed potatoes after its boiled/steamed. So mix a few boiled potatoes with lots of bolied cauliflower, add your margarine or i prefer "I cannot believe its not butter" and seasoning and you wont tell the difference! I couldnt and i HATE cauliflower. Check out the site and books or tv show to get the down-low on your favorite dish. Just because you sacrifice the calories does not mean you gotta skimp out on the taste! Good luck!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Im back!

My internet at my home has been down for a few days. Im ready to start posting again!

Friday, May 15, 2009

If You Are Easily Amused..


One this day in...

June Carter Cash, American Musician Dies
Beatles' last LP, "Let It Be," is released in US
Paul McCartney meets his future wife Linda Eastman
Mickey Mouse made his 1st appearance

Las Vegas, Nevada founded

How bout that mini history lesson for ya?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Natalie Grant singing In Christ Alone


Rachael Lampa singing Blessed


Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover

This really bugs me. A lot of folks tend to make opinions about people, things, and places by pure sight and looks alone. But how much do you actually miss out on when you do so? A lot of generalizations start when someone looks at another person, or place, or thing and automatically makes assumptions. For example, there is a "hole in the wall" restaurant that I never would try because..well..it looked like crap. But when a friend actually told me to go there and I did, it was one of the best places ive ever eaten!

As far as things, I am one of those folks who likes to purchase the "off brand" or cheaper brand of items such as Good Value foods, or Equate products/meds, and I even like shopping on eBay and thrift stores and most of the time the cheaper product has the SAME value. Our Vizio flatscreen is just as durable as our Sony in the living room. No difference.

Now onto judging people..how many of you have made a generalization based on something you didnt like about somebody? I think we're all guilty of that! (haha) but what about the way a person looks. Just because they may not dress as fine as another person does not mean they are poor. Personally if I could wear shorts or sweatpants everyday for the rest of my life i probably would do so. What about physical self expression such as un natural haircolor or piercings or tattoos? Most people think of Goths or bikers or "bad people" when they think of those ways of self expression, but I have tattoos, I have dyed my hair strange colors, I have had piercings, does that make me trashy or bad? No. It doesnt make anyone that way.

Now i dont really understand the racial sterotypes, but lets use my ethnicity as an example because i find it amusing:

-People often refer to ALL asians as "Chinese"

-we are also called "oriental"

-we are known as bad drivers which is true to some extent (haha)

-we are known to all work in nail shops

-we are all known to have some kind of accent

I am partly Korean and I can tell ya that most racial stereotypes arent true lol.

Needless to say, get to know someone, someplace, or something before you let their appearance fool you!